Unlock God's Word

The Bible is a wonderful book. It is full of stories about God and his people. It is full of instruction on life. It s full of love stories. Of course, there are stories of death, war and suffering. But in all that God has one thing im mind for us: Bring him closer to HIM. 
What better way to achieve this by guiding us through HIS Word. He guides us in our daily decisions. He guides us towards his purpose for us. And most important of all: He guides us towards a relationship with HIM, through his Son, Jesus Christ. 

Now how do you read this wonderful book? How do you UNLOCK its treasures? 
There are a few simple things you can do to UNLOCK the Word of God let me take you along on the journey to a better, deeper understanding of God's wonderful will and purpose for you. 

Here is a small, simple tool to get you started, discovering the depth of God's Word: 


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