Missionay & Pastor

As a Missionary, I am currently working with the Liebenzell Mission in Ecuador: 

Church planting pastor, counseling, coaching, teaching, and training new leaders and pastors.

My definition of a PASTOR is:

P  –  Passionate for God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit
A  –  Authority in spiritual and church related issues  
S  –  Soul-searching and soul-caring love for the lost and hurting
T  –  Theologically clear in understanding and communication
O –  Obedient to the word of God
R  –  Righteous value driven lifestyle

It is my goal to guide, strengthen and encourage Christian people in their pursuit of finding and following their purpose within God’s overall plan.  

Ministry involvements are in …

  • Training church leaders, pastors, elders & deacons
  • Lead small groups, church services, men's ministry
  • Equip ministry leaders and individuals
  • Discover and develop personal potential in people
  • Develop vision and Mission statements, strategy plan for different ministries
  • Counsel couples and individuals 
  • Supervision, Mediation, Conflict resolution

Christian Counselor 

Part of my work as a pastor and missionary is to be a counselor. It is my desire to help people in their struggles. I know that only God can change lives and situations, but as a counselor I can try to help these people find God inn their situation and let God do the healing then. 
Just recently I have written a manual for counselors (available here, but only in Spanish for now) which I use for my own ministry as a counselor as well as teaching material for our "Centro de Capacitación Bíblica" (Bible training Center) here in Ecuador.  

I am a Partner of the BCC in Agreement with the Confessional Statement, Doctrinal Statement, and Mission/Vision Statement of the BCC.

History of my full-time service:

After finishing up Seminary at the Liebenzell Mission, we were sent out to work in Yap, Micronesia from October 2002 to June 2006. Yap is a small island in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), just about 500 miles south of Guam. My ministry was mainly in pastoring the in the Yap Evangelical Church in the town of Colonia. Besides the pastoral ministry part of my job was leading the mission station in Yap. This also made me the main man for the Typhoon repairs after Typhoon Sudal hit the island in April 2006. Thankfully I can say that God had prepared me for that well, since my profession before going to seminary was in carpentry and construction work.

From Summer 2006 to Fall 2007 we were on furlough in Germany and the US. During this time we received the news that we would not be returning to Yap and the Liebenzell Mission would be sending us to Ecuador. 

We arrived in Ecuador in Fall 2007 and served there for the second term as missionaries until Summer 2012. The first task in Ecuador was to learn Spanish. Without Spanish nothing goes here in the northern part of Ecuador. After getting settled into the culture and the language it was time to settle also into the Ecuadorian church culture. This is why I was granted an internship within one of the main churches here, called "Puente de Amor". For about 1.5 years I served as the assistant pastor of the church before my field leadership transferred me to a church that had some leadership issues. Here my job consisted mainly of being a mediator as I pastored the church alongside the main pastor. I am thankful for this experience since it taught me a lot about leadership itself. 

When furlough came around again we left in summer 2012 to first go to Pennsylvania and then to Germany. Raising funds, encouraging leaders and new missionaries and the special treat: Training to become a Certified Intercultural Coach. 

When we came back to Ecuador for our third term as missionaries it was time to finish up the coaching training and start a new church plant in the town of Mira, Carchi Province. God has granted a good start and by now we enjoy a church service and three Bible Studies. The next step is to find and train leaders for the ministries planed. 

Follow our blog to get updates on this part of the journey.