Marriage ... and God in it

For several years now I have been thinking about writing this. Every time I would prepare a sermon or a class - let it be in Micronesia or in Ecuador - I would always come across this idea: 

How perfectly marriage illustrates best a theological issue?!?!

Let it be the “Proposal” to enter into a relationship: the relationship with the partner or the proposal of God to become his bride (Rev. 21:2). Or when we look at the word "Unity": unity that we can find within the Trinity, and how marriage is supposed to be lived in unity. 
Whatever issue we talk about, it is always better understood with an illustration from this "perfect picture marriage". 

Now, it is not my intention to give a full theological explanation on who God is, or how marriage is supposed to work. My goal is simply to show how marriage can help us, understand some theological things about God and his relationship to us. And maybe - just maybe - it will help us strengthen our marriages.

I hope this work will be of an encouragement for all of us, to live our lives to the fullest with our Creator. May HE bring us back to that one thing that he had in mind when he created marriage in the first place.  

(Once the different titles are highlighted and in blue letters, they are active links to access the different chapters. Please be patient as I am working on the different issues.)

Topic #1: Dating God
Topic #2: The Proposal
Topic #3: Wedding Day
Topic #4: Creating a new family
Topic #5: And they shall be one
Topic #6: Intimacy
Topic #7: Adultery
Topic #8: The great battle
Topic #9: Anniversary
Topic #10: Growing old


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