Pastor Daniel R. Sick

I am Pastor Daniel.

I am currently working with the Liebenzell Mission in the northern part of Ecuador.  I am married to Dana and we have 5 kids. My ministry here in Ecuador consists mainly in planting a new church in the town of Mira and doing counseling. My passion is that people want to get to know God more and more. This is only possible if they dig into His Word - the Bible - and get their questions answered. This is where I try to help. Answering life questions in the light of the Bible is my task. But since I can't do this alone, it is my desire to teach others to do the same. 

As a Missionary & Pastor it is my desire to counsel, teach and mentor the people that seek God. I acquired some experience in this ministry through quite some time as a Pastor, youth minister, and Missionary - and this in different cultural and language settings. Additionally I have been working as a teacher in two different teaching environments: PIBC in Guam (now Pacific Island University) and CCB (Centro de Capacitation Bíblica) in Ibarra, Ecuador.

I am also a Pastoral Coach with a certification from the "European Network for counseling, psychology and therapy. I received my training as an "Intercultural Coach" through the training center at the "Akademie für Weltmission" in Korntal, Germany. As a Coach I want to help people to find their calling and live life to the fullest with God. My intercultural experience has helped me a lot finding my own spot in this "plan of God" and it is my desire to help others in all this. Ultimately I know that
Finding Gods will for my life is not a search for a checklist, but the adventure to put my life trustingly into Gods hands. 

If you are interested in more about these areas of my life or yet a few more personal facts, feel free to click on the different links in this introduction. Feel free to use whatever material is posted and distribute it freely.

May God bless you and guide you in your journey with him.
Greetings from Ecuador,

Daniel R Sick