Books I recommend

I tell you, I am not a big reader, nor a fast reader. But I'll also tell you "There is a looooooot of wisdom out there!" People who have learned and studies to manage their own life. People who share their acquired wisdom for our benefit. While I was on the mission field I asked my director one time "How do you have time to read so much?". His response struck me. "Reading is part of our job. I don't have time, I make time." I highly recommend that you become a reader. 
And just a clue: If you are not a big reader, most of the books out there are also available as AUDIO-books. Well, thats at least what I do. 

Here are just a few pages I recommend you look into. (Check back frequently as I update this page every once in a while.)

Leadership books

  • "The Leadership Secretes of Billy Graham" by Harold Myra & Marshall Shelley - Billy Graham is a legend. But he hasn't gotten to this point just like that. Take a look at what drove this man to be a Man of God. 
  • "Extreme Ownership" by Jacko Willing & Leif Babin - You don't have to love the military part (I sure do) to like this book. Leadership principles from the war zone taken into the business world. 
  • "Decision Points" by George W.Bush - Learn from a world leader. If someone had to make some tough decisions, then definitely these people. I am impressed. 


  • "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy" by Eric Metaxas - Me being a German, I heard a lot about Bonhofer. But this one is by far the best about his life, struggles and legacy he left. 
  • "41 - A portrait of my Father" by George W.Bush - I just love how Bush talks about his father. But there is more to it that just a nice father son story. Read it. It;'s worth it!

Pastoral Care books

  • "Unlocking potential" by Michael Simpson - Are you a leader. Or are you a boss. Maybe both. This books shows you how to be a good one towards your subordinates - Or should I rather say co-workers. 
  • "Torn Asunder" by Dave Carder - Marriage counseling towards a couple entangled in infidelity is tough. This book gives you insight into the mess and some very practical tips on how to help. 
  • "Ask it" by Andy Stanley - "Is it a wise thing to do?" one question everyone should ask. Andy Stanley shows you the Why? and the How?


  • "Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar" by Zig Ziglar 
  • "My Utmost for HIS Highest" by Oswald Chambers
  • "3-Minute Devotions for Girls" by Janice Thompson - 😏 I know it's for girls, but boy do I love to read this one with our girls. 


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