Pastoral Coach

I am a "Certified Intercultural Coach" since Feb. 16, 2015

Through my Coaching …

Churches will develop a vision for their church.
Pastors will discover their identity as a leader.
Individuals will discover God’s plan for a fulfilling life.

=> People will find joy in living life with God!

  • Coaching provides a church with tools to develop God given potential, evaluates the cultural background of the church and helps develop a vision for that particular church. This is where a God centered life is enjoyed to the fullest. In coaching churches, it is my desire to synchronize God’s vision for that church with the leaders perception for their church.
  • Coaching provides a pastor with an identity that helps him minister in his church with his God given gifts and talents. In coaching pastors, it is my desire that they learn to minister to the people with passion and joy.  
  • Coaching provides an individual with a clear understanding of his or her God given gifts and talents and provides a direction for life that is focused in Gods presence. In coaching individuals, it is my desire that the person lives life to the fullest.

What I truly believe: 

Good teaching brings a smile on a persons face.
God loves you just as you are, but he has more for you in mind. 
Life with God is a life worth living.
Let Jesus be your mentor.
Even a Pastor needs a Pastor.

I am a "Certified Intercultural Coach"

since Feb 2015 through Akademie für Weltmission:

Translation of the Certificate:

Academy for World Missions


Daniel Sick has successfully completed the training of "Intercultural Coach" which is certified through the "Quality Association of Training for Coaches" and the "European Network for Psychology and Therapy". 

The training consisted of six modules each 25 hours class-time and 30 hours of home assignments per module, with the following topics:
  • Module 1: Intercultural Communication
  • Module 2: Basics of Coaching
  • Module 3: Coaching methods and techniques for interventions
  • Module 4: Intercultural teams
  • Module 5: Coaching within Systems
  • Module 6: Intercultural Coaching 

Date: February 16th, 2015
(Signatures of the Coaching Trainer Günther Höhfeld and Jochen Schuppener 
and the director of the Academy AWM, Traugott Hopp)