This page wants to provide some of my material that I had the privilege to prepare and teach in the past couple years and it would be a shame not to share it. There are sermons, Material that I have taught at CCB (our teaching facility in Ecuador) and on other occasions. 

All this material is free to download but I would ask you not to publish it, sell it, or change any of its content. God has given me the privilege to prepare this material and I want it to be of benefit for as many people as posible. For this very reason this material can be distributed freely. 

¡May God bless you!

Published until now are:

Every time I would prepare a sermon or a class I'd  always come across this idea on how cool marriage illustrates best a theological issue. Let it be the “Proposal” to enter a relationship, the relationship with the partner or the proposal of God to become his bride (Rev. 21:2).(The main page is up to introduce the material, but the index links are not active yet)

Ever thought about reading the Bible more effectively? Here is a very useful tool that will help you get more out of your time with God's Word.

Do you have a Vision for your life? Do you know what God wants of you? How do you develop a Vision? Is it just to follow someone with a great, godly vision? Let me introduce you to Nehemiah.