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This will give you a brief discription and introduction to who I am and what I do.

Bible reading tool

Ever thought about reading the Bible more effectively? Here is a very useful tool that will help you get more out of your time with God's Word.

Vision building with Nehemiah

Every great company has a Vision. It’s what drives them. People have Visions for their lives. It’s what makes them go forward, trying to achieve something. “Without a Vision, people run wild.” (Prov 29:18 HCSB) Do you have a Vision for your life?

Marriage,...and God in it

Let it be the “Proposal” to enter into a relationship with God or the Unity, whatever issue we talk about, it is always better understood with an illustration from this "perfect picture marriage".

Hermenéuitca práctica (español)

Como pastores o voluntarios en la iglesia tenemos el privilegio de dar charlas y enseñar la palabra de Dios. Pero nos preguntamos ¿Cómo se prepara un estudio Bíblico? ¿Cómo puedo sacar de un texto lo mas importante? Y ¿Que quiere decir el texto a mi primero?

21 April 2016

Earthquake in Ecuador

Many have probably heard about the 7.8-magnitude earthquake which struck Ecuador’s coast on Saturday, April 16 at 7 p.m. We as a family were all in Quito, very thankful that we were together at the time of the earthquake. Our family is doing well, and we have not had any damage in Ibarra or in Quito. On Ecuador’s coast, however, the destruction is staggering. It was the largest earthquake since the 7.2-magnitude quake of 1987.
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