17 August 2015

CSI - Bible

(Christian Scripture Investigation)

How do you read your Bible? Is it in the morning? Or rather at night time?
What do you expect from your Bible reading time? For what reason - whatsoever - do you read it?

Let me suggest to you some simple tricks, for when it comes to Bible reading:
I have to tell you, I do like the CSI shows on TV. Investigating, looking for clues, discovering some facts and then finally figuring everything out - preferably before they do figure out stuff in the show. Makes me the better detective :-)

Did you know that CSI can help you in your time with the Word of God? Yes, it does help you, but it might not be in the way you expect it. Let me show you something:

C - Cappuccino

First of all when you sit down to read your Bible make sure you do it with the right mindset. Bible reading is not required of you as a Christian. Yes you heard it right, it does not get you more or less into heaven if you read the Bible or not. I invite you to look at Bible reading as something like drinking a CAPPUCCINO with God.

  • A Cappuccino in not an Espresso. For a Cappuccino you take your time. 
  • A Cappuccino is a social drink. Take time to talk to God. Try to get to know him better. Sit down with him and listen to his stories. 

Next time you read your Bible, why don't you literally prepare a Cappuccino (or some other favorite drink) and have a good chat with God. I'll promise you, your Bible reading will get a lot more enjoyable then as it is already.

S - Scan

Once you have the Cappuccino prepared, sit down, in your favorite chair and open your Bible, I invite you to SCAN through several things:

  • Scan through the scripture text for today and see what might be important (if you need help on this one, you'll find a neat tool here).
  • Scan through your life and see if there is something that might need to change after reading that passage. 
  • Scan through your text and see if there is a verse that could be your favorite verse for the week - and memorize it. 

This is basically that specific time when you make sure that this Bible text will not remain to be some kind of story or poem from way-back-then, but that this text comes alive. Take your time and investigate, scanning through the text and your life.

I - Install

And finally it is time to INSTALL or uninstall things in your life. This is where the rubber meets the road:

  • If you realize that there is sin or a bad habit, deinstall it. It might be necessary to use a separate "program" for doing that. Don't be afraid to seek help. 
  • Then install the new habits and believes that you just learned from the text. Let God fill your life more and more with his Word.
  • Frequently make sure that newly installed features do run properly.  

Basically, what I am saying is: Apply what you have learned from reading the Bible. Be intentional about this one. If you think that these new insights will apply themselves automatically, you are wrong. Make the best out of what you learned today.

Next time you are ready to read your Bible, try CSI. you might just get hooked on it, just like so many on the CSI shows on TV. Only this time with a better ending. Bible reading can be fun. And if I am not mistaken there sin nothing in the Bible that says that you can't have a good cup of Cappuccino with your favorite person - God.
Have fun reading your Bible!



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