20 April 2015

Get more out of your time reading the Bible!

Ever thought about reading the Bible more effectively? Here is a very useful tool that will help you get more out of your time with God's Word. All you need is four different colored markers, preferably Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. And then get a small 0.1 or 0.2 drawing pen. Now you are all set. 

Read just one small paragraph, preferably not longer that 20-25 verses. This of course entirely depends on the time you want to spend with God, but I usually recommend one paragraph, which goes from one heading to another. Take your time reading the paragraph and if something caches your attention, underline it already. If not, just read through the whole text. 

In a second step read through it again and ask yourself these four questions:

  • Does the text say something about God? - mark it red!
  • Does the text say something about my spiritual life? - mark it green!
  • Does the text say something about my ministry I am involved in? - mark it blue!
  • Does the text say something about Satan or sin? - mark it yellow! 

To better remember the colors: Red is the color of Love and God is love! Green is the color of growth, just as our spiritual life is supposed to grow! Blue is the color of water, used to wash other peoples feet, a service attitude that Jesus showed, as his main ministry! And yellow is the color of a danger tape, a situation that we need to avoid! 
Bible reading symbols

Now go back to the text a third time and think about how these marked areas play a role in your life. Paint the symbol on the side of the text that best describes the action that needs to be taken or the topic mentioned in the text. For this task I have included a chart that will help you get started with the symbols. But I encourage you to develop your own chart. Develop your own symbols that help YOU to understand the biblical text in a better way. 

Last but not least, take some time to think how this affects your daily walk with God. Write it down - either in the margins or in a journal - and then pray that God will help you, putting the new insights into action. 

Have fun reading the Word of God!!!



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