01 April 2015

Certified Intercultural Coach

It has quite been a journey, but now I finally can call myself "Certified Intercultural Coach". What started "just" as a desire to help a little bit better in certain personal situations turned out to be a complete training as a Coach. I never thought I would end up here but I am glad that God lead me this way. 

Through my Coaching …
Churches will develop a vision for their church.
Pastors will discover their identity as a leader.
Individuals will discover God’s plan for a fulfilling life.

It is my deepest desire that people will find joy in living life with God!

As a Coach I am convinced that 

    • God loves you just as you are, but he has more for your life. 
    • Life with God is worth living.
    • Even a Pastor needs a Pastor.

    If you are interested to know more about this feel free to contact me or check out the "Pastoral Coach" tab above!



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